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Welcome tech divers...

There are many excellent diving facilities around the world.  What sets "Deep Tec Thailand" Diving Services ahead of the rest is plain and simple.  We have real experience of expedition diving!


The staff at "Deep Tec Thailand" do more then just take out daily trips and teach courses.  Our staff are all continuously involved in various projects or exploration expeditions.


Many technical or even recreational instructors teach at the same dive sites every day - and that is all they do. We all know that you have to have experience out in the real world in diverse locations to become a highly qualified and experienced instructor.


In addition, the upper level courses that you receive at "Deep Tec Thailand" are limited to two students per course.  This ratio guarantees the most training for your money.  We let you focus on training and we handle the logistics.  You will not be sitting in the shop till 9:00 pm filling cylinders.  During your training we make sure you are out of the shop by 6:00 pm every evening allowing you to keep well rested and given time to study.  We do not run our students through a assembly line or take short-cuts.  At "Deep Tec Thailand" we teach all ranges of recreational and technical courses which include Cave, Rebreathers, Tri-Mix and Technical including Technical Wreck.


If you are interested in doing something other than taking courses all the time, how about putting all that training to use.  Here at "Deep Tec Thailand" we can arrange an expedition that suits your time frame and your training level.  With over 15 years of experience of living and diving in Thailand and traveling all over SE Asia we do have the experience.  We offer trips to dive sites and wrecks that no one has ever heard of.  We have dived on WW2 wrecks in 60 meters, lots of  freighters and even ancient pottery wrecks.  We thrive on diving something new and exciting whether it be a cave, reef or wreck.  Our cave and wreck dives range in depth from 20 to 100 meters. Join us for some real excitement!

Take a trip through this website - You're very welcome to join us on an exploration trip or complete one of the training programs. Join us for some real excitement; Give us the opportunity to serve you - You will not be disappointed.

Re-visit our website to check out our current and upcoming expeditions

Bruce Konefe -Technical, Cave, Rebreather Instructor Trainer for ANDI.

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