hyperbaric chamber operator course

What you will experience during a “Hyperbaric Chamber Operator and Chamber Course”?

  • We will take you to one of Thailand’s military bases to see how some of the most professional Hyperbaric Chamber facilities are run. Plus you will be able to see the finest equipment being used here in Asia. The military is using a 6 person Double lock double entry hyperbaric chamber with additional Medical lock.
  • Visit one of the local hospitals to see a hyperbaric treatment using a mono-place SECHRIST chamber. This chamber is a very popular chamber used in hospitals for treating wounds of patients.
  • Visit a local “Commercial Diving” operation and operate one of their double lock chambers that are used during actual commercial diving operations.
hyperbaric chamber operator and tender course


An Overview of Hyperbaric Therapy

  •  What is Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy?
  • What is a Hyperbaric Chamber
  • The 5 Main Uses For Hyperbaric Chambers
  • How Does a Hyperbaric Chamber Work
  • A Short History of Hyperbaric Chamber Oxygen Therapy
  • How Does HBO Work??
  • What Can HBO do?
  • Currently Accepted Applications of HBO
  • Side Effects of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy
hyperbaric chamber_air_bank

The Physics of Gases and Oxygen Patho-Physiology

  • Pressure
  • Pressure  Effects
  • Gas Physics
  • Squeeze: Primary Effects of Pressure on Descent
  • Sinus Squeeze, Lung Squeeze, Tooth Squeeze, Intestinal Squeeze
  • Daltons law, Henrys Law, Charles Law
  • The Patho-physiology of Oxygen
  • The Oxygen Clock
  • CNS Oxygen Toxicity
  • Oxygen Life Support Ranges

Oxygen Handling and Safety Protocol

  • Oxygen General Properties
  • Terminology
  • Compatibility
  • Compatibility of Metals
  • Compatibility of Non Metals
  • Compatibility of O- rings
  • Compatibility of Lubricants
  • Oxygen – Clean
  • Oxygen Service
  • Oxygen Handling Hazard
  • Causes of Oxygen Fires
  • Fire Safety
  • Fire prevention
  • Oxygen Analysis Procedure
  • Gas purities
hyperbaric chamber_medlock

Hyperbaric Chamber Components

  • Low Pressure Compressors
  • Low Pressure Bank Systems
  • High  Pressure Compressors
  • High Pressure Bank Systems
  • Gas Sampling Options
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Measuring Chamber volume – Determining Bank Tank Volume
  • Cylinder Considerations

Chamber Duties and Responsibilities

  • Chamber Operator  and Tender Roles
  • Prior-Treatment
  • During Treatment
  • Post- Treatment
  • Emergency Procedures
hyperbaric chamber_rhv

 Duties of Hyperbaric Staff 

  • Steps to take when Emergency call comes in for DCI
  • Steps to take when Patient arrives on site
  • Patients Examination
  • Neurological examination
  • Briefing Patient prior to treatment
  • Role of Chamber staff during a emergency


  • Dive Log Sheets
  • Check lists used before and after treatments

Chamber Treatments and Tables Used

  • U.S. Navy Table 5
  • U.S. Navy Table 6
  • U.S. Navy Table 9
  • Other countries’ treatments discussed

This is a list but not all of the topics….

…but should give you a good idea of how in-detail the chamber course will be..

Hyperbaric Chamber Operator - Equipment Specific

Trained to operate the specific Hyperbaric Chamber in accordance with ANDI’s procedures, manufacturer guidelines, local safety regulations and good protocol.

Breathing Gas Station Technician

Trained and Certified in the safe operation of the production equipment and to provide pre-mixed breathing gas into approved receivers, maintain filtration, storage vessels, install components, tubing and fittings and otherwise service the gas system in general. Not certified to perform gas blending or to perform Oxygen cleaning.

Breathing Gas Dispenser Technician

Trained in the safe operation of the Breathing Gas production equipment. Certified to provide pre-mixed breathing gas into approved receivers. Not certified to perform gas blending, Oxygen cleaning or system maintenance.


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