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ANDI Technical Courses
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Level One- Limited SafeAir Diver – Basic nitrox course for beginners that will teach the student to dive with the standard 32% & 36% mixes using tables.

Level Two-Complete SafeAir Diver - This course could be described as a “Advanced Nitrox” course or a “Introductory to Technical Diving” Course. This course is the basis for all level 3 and above courses.

Level Three- Technical SafeAir Diver- For those of you that want to enter the world of  “Decompression” diving,  this is the where it is all at. Learn to dive with double tanks, decompression cylinder and dive down to a depth of  40 Meters.

Level Four-Extended Range Diver- IF you like Exploration diving this course can really help you out getting the long bottom time you need. We will teach you to dive with unlimited decompression and unlimited tanks. This can help you get the extra time you really need.

Level Five – Trimix Diver- IF you really want to go all out with your diving this has got to be the “Ultimate”. Here you will learn the advantages of diving with helium to help out with the narcosis problems and also the 02 problems. Using helium can extend your range of diving to those deep unexplored places that no one has ever been before. Depth of 100 meters!!! NO PROBLEM.

The Technical Trimix Diver and the Technical wreck can be offered to those that are level 3 qualified already.

Technical Trimix Diver- If things where a bit fuzzy on that 40 meter dive, try doing the TTM course which will help clear things up and restore your memory. Learn to use helium from here on out the deeper dives where Nitrogen Narcosis starts to become a problem.

DPV - Learn how to operate and maintain a PROFESSIONAL Silent Submersion UV 18 on a two day course doing a total of 4 dives.

Technical WreckFull PENETRATION, engine rooms, boiler rooms. Learn to penetrate into the bellies of the ancient wrecks. We will teach you the proper procedures to be able to do FULL penetration into these wrecks SAFELY. We teach a combination of both Progressive familiarization and proper line laying.

Sidemount Diver - Learn to dive with a Sidemount configuration. A way of diving with more then one tank that allows easier access into the water and allows easier reach to the tank valves then with backmounted twin tanks.

Advanced Sidemount Diver - A course that teaches a combination of twinset, sidemount small hole diving and sidemount stage diving. Equipment configuration and skills will be taught to take you where no man has gone before.

 Gas Blending- All of those special mixes you hear people talking about and diving with. You will learn how to properly mix oxygen mixtures and helium mixtures that are suitable for today's mix gas diving. Get on the job training on how to use are gas blending compressor and booster pump.

Service Technician- If you are the type that like to mess with equipment repair, this course is right up your alley. A lot of today's equipment needs to be cleaned for use with high pressure oxygen. We can show you how to clean regulator parts, tanks, first stages etc for use with those nitrox fills.

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