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Born in Dearborn, Michigan 27 March 1961

Graduated from Algonac Michigan in 1979

Spent four years in the U.S. Marine Corp from 1981-1985 as a Combat Engineer

Dove first time in 1981 while stationed in Okinawa Japan

Took up diving full time in 1994 and become a PADI OWSI

PADI Tec Deep 50 and Tec Trimix Qualified

Got bored of recreational diving and took up technical diving with ANDI in 1995 and been with them ever since. Worked my way from SafeAir Diver to where I am at now which is a Instructor Trainer at almost all levels.

I have been on quite a few expeditions including:-

Diving on 9 different ancient pottery wrecks in the Gulf of Thailand.

Led the first wreck trips on many military wrecks and freighters in the Gulf of Thailand

A support diver for a group of ANDI CCR divers on a expedition in Indonesia where we where doing dives to 150 meters trying to film a very extinct fish.

Worked on a large scale operation for the Vietnamese government where we located a ancient pottery wreck 24 hours off shore in 80 meters of water.

Worked as a stage and support diver in the Deep cave system in Southern Thailand where depths of 200 meters was reached all on CCR rebreathers.

Taught the Thai archeology department all levels of Technical diving courses.

Worked with the Thai Navy operating there hyperbaric chamber. logged over 480 hours of hyperbaric treatments, treating both DCI and healing wounds.

Trained the Philippine government/ military hyperbaric chamber operator / tender course.

Worked with World record depth record divers on warm up dives to 260 meters.

Worked on the Yamashiro/ Fuso project where the depths of the wrecks are in roughly 200 meter. This project was the first time to put someone on the Yamashiro. This is probable one of the most difficult wrecks in the world to dive.

Presently working on locating training caves in Asia that will help put Asia on the map as a cave diving location.

Trained Thai Navy EOD department Inspiration level 2 and 3.

Discovered 20-25 virgin cave systems between Thailand and the Philippines that others are now using for Training.

Appointed NSS CDS Safety Director for Thailand

Developing Sidemount and Advanced Sidemount courses

Appointed as a Instructor Training Director #15 on 22 Dec 2010

Help assist in writing the Instructor procedures for the ANDI Cave programs along with tests and MS PowerPoint presentations.

Bruce Konefe

ANDI I.T.D.#15

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