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Thailand Technical Diving
Frequently Asked Questions FAQ's

  • Where are you located? We are located in Pattaya  Thailand.

  • Where will the courses be taught? The courses can be taught in Pattaya Thailand or a location of the students request.

  • What dates are the courses scheduled for? The courses are booked in as a first come first serve basis. Dates of the course will be booked once a 20% deposit is transferred to Deeptecthailand.

  • Is the deposit refundable? If the student cancels and has confirmation from Deeptecthailand  before one week of the start of the course.

  • Are accommodations included in the pricelist? NO, the student are required to pay for their own accommodations. (IF students would like Deeptecthailand can make arrangements for them however students are required to pay).

  • What is the cost of accommodation in Thailand?? Prices vary considerable. Prices range from 200 baht on up to 3000 baht a night. A descent room can be found in the 800 baht range.

  • Is transportation included in the course price? Transportation is included to and from the boat. Transportation to and from the shop and airport are to be paid for by the student. Transportation can be arranged by Deeptecthailand if you are unfamiliar to traveling in Thailand.

  • How much is transportation? Coming from the airport it normally costs around 1500 baht to Pattaya. Make sure you have confirmed a price with the driver before leaving the airport. Heading back to the airport a taxi costs around 800-1000 baht. Baht buses around Pattaya normally costs around 10 baht. If you would like to go some where special speak to the Baht bus driver and agree on a price before he takes you anywhere.

  • Are the costs of the courses inclusive of everything? At this time the website and the pricelist  are under construction. Please make sure you READ  thoroughly to find out what is included in the course and what is not.  Not all courses are inclusive.

  • Are physicals needed for diving courses? If a Yes has been ticked on the medical form a letter from the doctor is required. Any level 3 course and above a diving physical is required. A local doctor can provide this service at the students expense.

  • What certification will be given upon completion of the course? A student will receive a ANDI certification card and diploma after completion of the course.

  • Will I be guaranteed to pass the course? Deeptecthailand will do there best to help you succeed.  Standards will be followed by the Deeptecthailand staff. The student is not guaranteed they will pass. The students is required to perform skills and test there knowledge on these course. If the student is unable to pass the tests they will not be able to pass the course. Under most situations the student is given more time to improve his skills and take a retest. The student is required to pay extra fees if they are needing more time to pass the course.

  • Is there a hyperbaric chamber facility around? There are two chamber s  quite near to Pattaya. There is a large chamber on the Thai Navy base and a chamber at Bangkok Hospital. Student  should carry and pay for there own insurance and treatment. If you need help finding insurance programs please ask Deeptecthailand staff for assistance.


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