Cave Diving Philippines

Bruce Konefe with Ronald Serrano, Xabi Mendiola Garay and Jake Miranda.

Lake Bababu Underwater Cave in Brgy. Melgar, Province of Dinagat Island (1.5 hour boat ride from Hotel Hotel-Tavern Surigao) which is approximately 700-750 meters long is the Philippines’ longest underwater cave to date.  Benjie Lim and Ronald Serrano, both based in Manila, are Filipinos who are part of a growing number of divers in the Philippines’ cave diving community. My visit to the caves was the first time a group of divers outside of the Surigao Dive-Club visited Surigao and Dinagat for its cave diving adventures.

Ronald Serrano Bruce Konefe cave diving philippines

Bruce with Ronald Serrano.

Thanks to the team at Surigao Dive Club for spending the time to research and explore these caves…. and for hosting my visit so efficiently!

cave diving philippines surigao lake bababu

Equipment Preparation

Lake Bababu is already confirmed as the longest underwater cave in the Philippines; with aprox 2200 feet / 650 meters of exploration line laid…

cave diving course philippines

Hand sketched map (with overlay) of the Bababu system (as known)

lake bababu cave system diving philippines

En-route to the Lake Bababu cave system – an extensive salt-water system accessed via boat.

lake bababu cave diving surigao philippines bruce konefe

Slight ‘jungle trek’ from the boat drop-off to the system entrance on Lake Bababu

Cave Diving Philippines Bruce Konefe

Access map to Lake Bababu cave system. Surigao Dive Club are the guys who’ve made this possible.

cave diving in the philippines

Cave Diving… It’s More Fun in the Philippines!

Surigao Dive Club have begun the process of putting dive-support facilities at Lake Bababu – making life easier for cave divers to access the unique caves there.

lake bababu philippines cave diving

Lake Bababu… entrance to an extensive and exciting cave system

bababu cave diving surigao philippines

Jake Miranda’s exploration of the Lake Bababu caves..

Cave diving project lake bababu surigao philippines

Entrance to the system

surigao dive club lake bababu cave dive philippines

Photo courtesy of Jake Miranda – one of the pioneers of Surigao Cave Diving and project activist on the development of the Lake Bababu cave system.

cave diving philippines bruce konefe expeditions

Mixed teams – backmount and sidemount

surigao dive club cave diving lake bababu

Photo courtesy of Xabi Mendiola Garay – one of Surigao Dive Club’s pioneers of cave explorarion in Lake Bababu

technical wreck diving surigao philippines

Some discussions on potential technical wreck projects in the area also…

Bruce Konefe Xabi Mendiola Garay cave diving

Gearing up for the dive (photo courtesy of Xabi Mendiola Garay)

cave diving oms tesseract sidemount

OMS Tesseract Sidemount for the dive (photo courtesy of Xabi Mendiola Garay)

 cave diving courses philippines

Pre-dive… more Philippines caves! (photo courtesy of Xabi Mendiola Garay)

cave diving courses asia bruce konefe andi cave instructor trainer

Setting off… (photo courtesy of Xabi Mendiola Garay)

cave diving instructor trainer asia thailand philippines

Return trek to the boat… thanks to Surigao Dive Club!

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