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ANDI  Rebreather courses.

Coming soon - Megalodon & Poseidon CCR courses


Level one - Introduction to Rebreather diving-
Max depth 10meters following a 2 hour classroom presentation.
Pre-requisites Open Water Scuba Diver Cert.


Level Two – SCR Draeger Rebreather course-
Drager Dolphin RebreatherA four day course learning how to dive with the Dragger rebreather. This is a beginning experience to dive in the world of silence. A excellent course for those of you who are really into getting close to the Marine life and also taking pictures.


Level Two – SCR Azimuth Rebreather course- Azimuth SCR RebreatherA top notch rebreather if you really like diving with  a SCR. This rebreather has the best of quality that money can offer. The Azimuth allows you to adjust the flow rate instead of fixed orifices and also has a onboard bailout system . What more could any body ask for.



Level Two –CCR Inspiration/Evolution/Hammerhead/Pelagian and KISS  Rebreather courses-

Inspiration CCR Rebreather Other then just silent diving you can learn to dive with a unit that leaves no bubble trails. Fish and turtles will actually turn around and take a second look. There is nothing else in the world like diving with a CCR. These units will allow you to spend more time underwater enjoying the view. It will only take 5 days to learn how to operate one of these sophisticated units.

Level Three – CCR Course-

Pelagian DCCRYou do not have to dive open circuit to do decompression diving. Learn to do decompression diving up to a depth of 40 meters on your CCR  rebreather. With a CCR you will enjoy more bottom time and less decompression.

Level  Three - Technical Trimix Rebreather- For those of you that are open circuit Trimix qualified can enjoy learning decompression diving using Trimix down to a depth of 50 m. The safest way to explore the deeper depths using helium. Highly recommended for those that have a overhead environment qualification and using your rebreather for those dives.

Level Four – CCR Course  

Level 4 CCR Intermediate Trimix Diver course- Learning to use Normoxic 0yxgen mixtures with helium to a depth of 60 meters. Bottom gas limits of the Nitrogen are a 3.6 PN2 and with a minimum of 16% of helium used on each dive.

Level Five – CCR Course

hammerhead rebreatherSilent diving, No bubbles, less decompression.
This can only be done on a CCR rebreather.
Depths during the course can take you down to 100 meters. Are you up to it?


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